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After re-reading David Allen’s article “You can do anything but not everything”, and linking to my previous post,  I found it valuable to revisit the idea of “creative procrastination”.

Brian Tracy’s definition: “Creative procrastination is the act of thoughtfully and deliberately deciding upon the exact things you are not going to do right now, if ever”.

You probably have some kind of “to do” list, and it may even be prioritised using some kind of prioritising system (ABCDE or 123).

Here is a small challenge: rather than just working IN your list, take some time to work ON your list. Weed out the things that are not serving your current purpose and priorities.

Delete them or put them on a list you may call “Later if ever”. If you use MS Outlook to manage your reminders, that’s a category you can use.

Review your calendar and list things that are not aligned with your current priorities.

When you do this you may just relieve some stress and worry and eliminate feelings of failure.

You may want to create a different kind of “Not to do” list, which is a list of things you are currently doing habitually that could improve the quality of your life if you were not to do them.

A few examples:

• Stop responding to emails as they arrive.
• Realise that multitasking is a myth – stop doing it.
• Getting it perfectly right is usually not worth the (wasted) effort. When it’s good enough it’s good enough. Know when to stop.
• You cannot please everyone all the time – so stop doing it. Colin Powell: ” Trying to get everyone to like you is a sign of mediocrity.”
• Stop answering phone calls from numbers you do not recognise.
• Do not allow interruptions – every time you allow it, you condone it.
• Turn off your voicemail facility – if it is important enough they will call you again. Or ask them to send an sums or email.
• We talk more to ourselves than to others – and mostly it’s negative stuff. Stop putting yourself down.

What can you add to the list?

If you have a moment, feel free to share some of the things on your “not to do” list with me!




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