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I had a very interesting conversation with one of the participants in my Productivity Mastery Programme today.

Someone he knows – a business owner – refuses to do anything that is NIP or  “Not Income Producing”.

And her business results are extraordinary because she only does things that produce income.   She does what only she can do, and does it well.  She delegates or outsources the rest.

Whether you are in your own  business or not…it makes sense to have a “point of reference” against which you can decide what to do and what not to do.

Your reference point could be something like…

“Will it make me happy?”

“Will it  help me achieve my goals?”

“Will it make me more productive right now?”

I like the NIP acronym – if it does not do this for you, NIP it in the bud.

Anything that’s Not Increasing Productivy (NIP) gets NIPped in the bud . Don’t do it – delegate or outsource it.  “You should only do what only you can do!”

Sometimes easier said than done – but let me know how it goes.


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