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I may have shared this with you before, but it would have been a few years ago, and my experience then was brought back to me vividly just a few weeks ago.

I was in traffic in Cape Town – yes we do have traffic here too!  –  waiting for the red light to change.

It turned green, but the car in front of me did not move forward and nor did any car in the row of cars closest to the crossing.

Behind me somebody hooted.

And then…

A man in a wheelchair appeared in view between the front cars with a “thank you” smile on his face, waving to the drivers in the cars.  He was crossing the street, not at the speed of a man with the full use of his legs but at the speed of a man using a wheelchair.

The moment the reason for the cars not moving became clear, everything changed.

No more hooting cars, but understanding the reality.

This reminded me of a similar experience I had in a book store.

I was walking down the isle and a young girl was sitting on the floor in the isle – reading a book in front of her on the floor – and blocking most of the isle.

My first reaction when I observed this was something like: “Why on earth are you blocking the isle?  Can’t you just stand and browse like everyone else?”

And then…

As I walked past her I saw that she did not have arms.  She was using her toes to turn the pages of the magazine she was browsing.

The moment the reason for her sitting in the isle became clear, everything changed.

These two stories may not directly have a lot to do with increasing your productivity, but maybe they do…

What I take away from these experiences is WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get.

How you feel about and behave in a situation comes from your perspective of the situation – what you believe to be “true” – whether it is really true or not!

And then your feelings and behaviours drive the results you get.

Join me over this “Freedom Day” long weekend in South Africa to reflect on our beliefs.

Are there things in your life you are not happy with?

Maybe, just maybe, it will be worth your while to reflect on the source of those results – your beliefs about the situation.

Maybe you believe “I have to work long hours to be successful.” – Is this true?  Really?

And to paraphrase the wonderful work of Byron Katie, “Who would you be, and how would things be, and how would you treat others and yourself if it was impossible for you to have this belief?”

Then be brave enough to explore the opposite of your beliefs and see what results you could achieve if you chose to operate from the “turned around” belief.

I am going to use this “Freedom Day” long weekend to explore possibilities if I were to free myself from a few of my limiting and untrue beliefs.

It all begins with how we see things… and What You See Is What You Get.

With my best wishes for a relaxing, reflective weekend.


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