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It’s last Wednesday morning in Cape Town. It’s about 9 a.m. and I
am waiting on the pavement for a friend to pick me up and take me to
the garage to fetch my car that has been in for a service.

One of our less fortunate brothers approaches me. Dirty clothes.
Kind of a crust around his lips. He puts out his hand to say
good morning and I take it.

His hand is sticky and I decline the shake-grab-shake option.

“Are you from Johannesburg?”, he asks for some strange reason.

“I am from Cape Town, and you?” I ask him.

“I come from Port Alfred.”, he says.

We talk about Port Alfred for a bit because I have been to East
London the previous Tuesday and tell him that I saw the road
signs to Port Alfred.

We reminisce about our shared Eastern Cape experiences, then he
asked me: “Where do you stay now?”

“Just up here in High Cape – and you?”

“It depends on the weather”, he says.

“If it is warm I sleep on the sidewalk or maybe under the bridge.
If it windy it is better to sleep just around the
corner from where we are now, and when it rains, I sleep in a
shop entrance to stay dry.”

It depends on the weather…

Now that really made me think about living a productive life…

What we do in any given moment should “depend on the weather” –
our personal “weather”.

We aren’t all the same. What works for you doesn’t work for

You have your unique “productivity strange attractor”.

Without going into too much detail, this means that you need to
have certain things in place for productivity to “happen” for
you, just like certain conditions need to be in place for a
thunder storm to happen or the cloth to form on Table Mountain.

What are the things YOU have to have in place to be most

Write down things like… time for strategic thinking,
delegating as much as I can, listening to my favourite music,
having my private space, clear objectives, knowing what to do

Writing down these things helps you to create your own set of
“conditions for productivity to happen – for ME”.

All (!) you have to do now is to take the responsibility to make
it happen – say YES to the things that help you enjoy a
productive life and say NO to everything else.

Your productivity depends on your weather…


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