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I was chatting to one of the participants in my current Productivity Mastery Programme (the next programme kicks off on 3 May)  a few days ago about choices…specifically about lifestyle choices (in plain language: losing weight and getting fit!).

We also reflected on the value of pushing “PAUSE” before jumping to a conclusion or making a decision.

On the origin of the word “decide”:  it comes from the “Middle English” word deciden (1350-1400), which literally means “to cut off”.    E.g., if you are faced with 4 possible courses of action, and you decide on one, it means you cut off the others.  You get rid of them – never to be thought about again.

You get the idea…

So as I was lying in my bed, opening the curtains and  seeing Devil’s Peak covered in mist and cloud at about 05:20, it was decision time.

I mentally pressed…the PAUSE button to consider my choices.

  •  Stay in bed.
  • Get up, shower and start working.
  • Go for a walk, then grab a shower, meditate and then start working.

Then I thought… If I want to live a long, happy and fulfilling life, which of these choices has the best chance of getting me where I want to be?

I cut off the bed and the immediate shower.

The walk was very enjoyable and made me feel good about the choice I made and the options I cut off!

To quote Friedrich Nietzsche:  “He who has a strong enough why can bear almost any how”.

Makes sense, so I keep strengthening my “why” – and then just do the “how”.

Enjoy cutting off the actions that don’t take you where you want to go!




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