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Open lift or open hand?

On Sunday I was waiting for the lift at Cape Town International Airport, and when the doors opened, a friend of mine who I have not seen  in ages came out of the lift.

We were very happy to see each other, shook hands and started chatting,

Then the lift doors closed behind me and he said:” Now you have missed your lift!”

Which made me think…

The lift would be down again in a few minutes, but when will I see him again?

Don’t we tend to rush through life chasing open lift doors instead of being more in the moment and enjoy the (often) chance experiences that life is serving up?

To rather offer an open hand than be focused on an open lift?

To slow down somewhat rather than living life at full throttle all the time?

There are many opportunities for us to slow down to speed up…

  • Slow down a conversation with your spouse or child – effective communication cannot be efficient.
  • “Look before you leap.”
  • “Sleep on it.”
  • Take your time with an important hire – don’t be efficient an d hire someone just because the plan said that someone has to be in the position by the end of the month.
  • Listen with your ears – and your eyes and your heart.

SLOW Productivity does not mean doing everything at a snail’s pace. It means doing things at their appropriate pace.  Speed typing sounds like something that will be worthwhile, but what about speed meditation and speed yoga?

I encourage you be more aware of your activities during the rest of this week and note the ones where you tend to rush.  Make a note of the possible consequences of doing a rushed job – it has been shown that people who rush make 20-25% more mistakes than those who don’t.

Then treat yourself to living the paradox of high performance – Slow Down to Speed Up – and notice the difference.


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